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Galibelle Interchargeable Shoes

With a creative interchangeable system purchase your soles, you can then purchase separate different straps according to your taste or occasion. Galibelle shoes and straps are full of colours and creativity now available here at Chaunabelles.

How it Works

The Galibelle concept is simple: Step 1 - choose your sole, Step 2 - choose your strap.
All styles of straps come in different colors and materials. If you see a particular strap style you like simply choose your color or material. Just remember to choose the same strap for the sole you pick. For instance, Sara straps go with Sara soles.

If you have not previously purchased a Galibelle shoe or sandal in our site, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Typically the soles fit one size smaller than what you might be used to (except Deise and Michelle they are generally true to size). If you are normally a size 8 we recommend you go with a size 9.

Strap sizing can vary somewhat. If you have a narrow foot you may need to go down one strap size. If you have a wider foot you may need to go up one strap size.
The chart below is a general guideline.

Sizes 4 and 5 -- Small

Sizes 6 and 7 -- Medium

Sizes 8 and 9 -- Large

Sizes 10 and 11 -- Extra large

You Can Change It-concept- Watch video


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